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Top 5 Resons for Assisted Living

Top 5 Benefits of Assisted Living

1. Safety

One of the most important issues with aging at home alone is safety. Serious falls and medication mishaps are just some of the serious hazards elders face living alone. Assisted living provides 24/7 trained staff to provide your love one with assistance throughout their daily routine in a environment with the safest home medications and adaptive equipment such as grab bars.

2. Socializing

Loneliness and social isolation can contribute negatively to health. Assisted living facilities provide a stimulating environment with fun group activities, games, outings and plenty of other opportunities for socializing. 

3. Transportation 

For many elders transportation to and from doctors, grocery store, pharmacy and other places may be a safety or financial concern. It is often impractical for loved ones that may have families and a busy schedule. Assisted living can make things much easier by providing transportation.

4. Healthy Dining

Malnutrition can be a concern for the elderly. Assisted Living provide a diet tailored to your love ones needs with adaptive self feeding equipment if needed. 

5. Peace of Mind

Home ownership includes many possible challenges such as yard work, maintenance cost, seasonal weather changes, power outages. Assisted living provides a maintenance free environment with power backup in the case of power outages. 



Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

Transportation to Doctors Appointments

Daily Exercise Programs

Dietitian Created meal plans

Activities and Games


Medication Assistance

Areas of Expertise
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