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            Deciding if or when to place your loved one into an assisted living can sometimes be difficult. Assisted living can have many benefits for you and your love one. With 24/7 professional compassionate care we can assist with all your loved ones activities of daily living in a social environment with games and activities tailored to your loved ones needs. 

​            Once the decision has been made it can be difficult navigating the different types of facilities. Assisted living can be referred to by many names such as adult care facilities, residential care facility, retirement facility, senior care and many other names. Assisted living facilities are all licensed and monitored by state and local governments. Seniors have a variety of choices in Assisted Living Facilities, ranging from small home like environment to large elaborate facilities. This variety allows people to select a place that best suites their needs, taste and financial situations. Love ALF provides total care for one fixed price. 

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